CMP Initiatives

C.M.P. Initative -

Last updated on : 20-07-2017

S. No. Initiative Class - Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Teacher in-charge and designation

Resource Room:

  • Computer
  • High duty photocopier
  • LCD Projector
  • CD,Cassette Audio and Video Players
Class I -V
  • making Of Teaching Learning Material
  • making Teaching Learning Interesting For Students & Teachers
  • providing New Hi-tech Aids To Teachers.
  • Mrs. Anita Yadav
  • Mrs. Babita
  • Mr. Sailesh Chudasama 

Preparing of Teaching learning aids

  • Educational CD's
  • Educational Games
  • Display Charts, pictures and writing material
Class I - V To Explore The Knowledge And Encourage Use Of New Technology In Teaching. Yes
  • Mr. Savale Kirankumar
  • Mr. Ajit Yadav
3 Parents Teacher Meeting Days Class I - V
  • Develop The Sense Of Regard & Responsibility Towards Parents.
  • To Give The Report Of Kids Performance To Parents.
  • All the Class Teachers

Use of Sports items In class & Games periods

  • Football,ball,Badminton,
  • Indoor Games:
  • Ludo,snakes and ladders.
Class I - V To Teach Team Spirit, Coordination & To Tell How Sports And Yoga Is Useful For Their Body And Mind. Yes
  • Mr. Tirupathi Reddy 
  •  Mr. Rajesh kumar
  • Mr. Savale Kirankumar
5 Film CDS : Cartoon Films, Hanuman, Tare zami pe, Bal ganesha,Moral stories in Hindi and English. Class I - V To Inculcate Good Values, To Encourage Them To Tell What They Have Learnt From These Movies And How They Can Use Things Learnt In Their Daily Life. Yes All the Class Teachers and Subject teachers
  • Mr. Savale Kirankumar
6 Class Library Story books in English & Hindi, Children magazines etc. Class I - V To Encourage Reading Habit Among Kids And To Develop Creativity In Kids. Yes
  • Mrs. Anita Yadav 
  • All the Class Teachers 
  • Mrs. Sharda(School Librarian) 

Co curricular Activities

  • Calligraphy English and Hindi, Drawing Competition
  • Singing &dancing(Group and solo), Fancy dress,Quiz,
  • Story Telling
  • Recitation(English)
Class I - V Help In Over All Development Of Kids And To Develop And Encourage Creativity. Yes
  • Mrs. Babita  
  • MS. Ritu
  • Mr. Sailesh Chudasama 
  • Mr. Sunil Kumar

Community Lunch

  • With Themes :Festivals and States of India, Fruits and Vegetables, No use of junk food.
Class I - V
  • To develop Habit Of Caring & Sharing,
  • To Tell About Importance Of Balance Diet,
  • To Give Knowledge Of Nutrients In Food Items, Introduce Them With Food Habits Of Region & States.
Yes All the Class & Subject Teachers

Celebration of Important days

  • World Population day,Independence day, Republic day, Children day, Annual day, Sports day, KVS Foundation day, National Science day, Uno day, Teachers day, Gandhi Jayanti etc.
Class I - V
  • To Develop Love For Human Kind And For Country.
  • To Develop Love For The World.
  • To Know About Culture And Heritage Of India ..
  • To Know About Great People And To Learn From Their Life.
Yes All P.R.T.
10 Medical check up Class I - V
  • Importance Of Health.
  • How To Take Care Of Body.
  • How To Make Themselves Fit.
  • Why Medical Check-up Is Important.
Yes All Class teachers
11 House System Class I - V
  • To Encourage Team Work,
  • To Develop Creativity Among Kids.
  • To Help Them In Their Overall Development.
Yes House masters and CCA Incharge.
12 Board Display(Class wise and House wise) Class I - V
  • to Encourage Kids To Show Their Creativity.
  • to Use Art And Craft And Make Things More Attractive.
Yes All Class teachers and House Masters

Educational Excursion

  • Places of Historical Importance and of Educational Importance.
Class I - V To Let Them Know About Different Places And They Will Gain The Knowledge. Yes All the Class Teachers (PRT)